National Wrestling Federation

National Wrestling Federation is a fantasy professional wrestling circuit run by Josh Cooper with the TNM7 wrestling simulator. The wrestlers, manager, referees, and other characters are based on real people but the events depicted in the writings are completely fictional. The NWF came to be after Global Championship Wrestling creator Ryan Niemiller invited Cooper to join the GCW Universe. This was done as a way to allow more wrestlers to be showcased and increase the entertainment value of GCW by having talent limitations. No wrestler, manager, referee, or announcer can compete in the NWF while they are under contract with GCW and vice-versa. The expansion of the GCW Universe was also done to create a more extensive history of what was going on outside of the GCW. While the NWF and GCW are in direct competition with one another, Ryan Niemiller and Josh Cooper help each other behind the scenes. At this point, there are only two circuits actually being run in the GCW Universe.

Thanks go out to Ryan for not only inviting me (Josh) to join the GCW Universe, but also for allowing me to copy the format of his GCW Wikidot.

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1 History


National Wrestling Federation was started by Phillip Jackson. Jackson inherited a large sum of money from his father and turned that into a small fortune when he created and expanded his own construction company based out of St. Louis, MO. Jackson was also a huge sports enthusiast and saw the opportunity to enter the industry when Harley Race left Global Champioship Wrestling in February of 1979. The Midwest had always been a hotbed for professional wrestling, but they were lacking a home-based organization ever since Sam Muchnick originally stepped down as NWA President. At that point, the NWA moved from St. Louis and left a gaping hole in the central states. Phillip Jackson saw an opening when Harley Race, a Missouri native, became available and quickly contacted him to come in as the face of the NWF. Jackson was also able to sign several other GCW alumni including Chief Jay Strongbow, Billy Graham, and the Brisco Brothers. Once signing these big name wrestlers, it became obvious that Jackson was serious about the NWF. From there, he was able to sign other famous wrestlers across the United States. The very first show was held on July 7th, 1979, in St. Louis, MO, at the Checkerdome. Billy Graham became the first NWF World Champion after he won a 8-man tournament, defeating Thunderbolt Patterson in the finals.

2 Key Figures

  • Phillip Jackson (Owner, Promoter)
  • Jeffrey Stanza (Vice President of Talent Relations)

3 Working Agreements

NWF does not have any working agreements with any promotions at this time.

4 Champions

Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Previous Champion(s)
NWF World Title Hulk Hogan December 20, 1984 Roddy Piper
NWF United States Title Butch Reed August 11, 1985 Randy Savage
NWF World Tag Team Titles The Dream Team July 28, 1985 VACANT

5 Results

The first show in NWF history took place on July 7, 1979.

Results - TV Era

6 Roster

This is the list of various personnel involved in NWF.

Tag Teams

7 Year-End Awards

At the end of each calendar year, NWF presents the NWF Year-End Awards. The awards are decided on by a combination of the Championship Committee, fan vote, and the wrestlers, managers, and referees.


8 Five Star Matches

Every match is given a star rating based on a number of factors: workrate, overall action, the history of the wrestlers and their feud, and crowd reaction. The highest rating given is five stars. The following matches have received that honor:

  • Harley Race vs. Greg Valentine - Topeka, KS - December 6, 1980
  • The Von Erich Brothers vs. The Dirty Cowboys (Street Fight) - Denver, CO - December 26, 1980

9 Controversies

This section covers backstage happenings that helped direct the history of NWF.


10 Credits

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